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EMEC Simple as Water | Convergent Water Controls

For over 12 years, CWC has successfully represented EMEC Srl, a high quality European manufactured range of Dosing Pumps, Controllers and Accessories for water treatment chemicals used in manufacturing and industrial processes.

Established for over 30 years, EMEC Srl is a market leading manufacturer of chemical metering pumps, process controllers, electrodes, sensors and accessories. EMEC products incorporate the latest microprocessor technology to achieve highly functional and reliable products with user friendly interfaces.

Many EMEC products comply with international certifications such as CE, NSF, CSA and are manufactured to ISO9001.


Stepper Motor Dosing Pumps

One intelligent dosing pump that does it all ✓

Reduce the number of dosing pumps required for all your applications by changing to the emec PRISMA Stepper Motor Dosing Pump. This digital dosing pump has an unparalleled 4800 to 1 turn-down ratio, whilst providing continuous chemical feed over the dosing range.

PRISMA stepper motor-driven dosing pump has been designed by emec to be the best solution for offering high-accuracy metering and extreme reliability.

Thanks to the new stepper motor and to the MultiFunction software, PRISMA dosing pumps offer complete control over dosing speeds and working modes as well as great flexibility, meeting even extremely complex application needs.

PRISMA boasts a range of features for example: level control, alarms and stand-by, while available working modes include: constant, constant with external input, ppm, %, mlq, pause- work, weekly, mA, pulse, volt, external batch and manual batch.

Additional benefits: turn-down, slow mode, capacity range info and colour screen.

PRISMA Features & Benefits

  • Stepper Motor Design ensures constant chemical delivery
  • Includes foot valve, Injection valve, 2M of Suction tubing and 2M of Discharge tubing
  • Reliable & accurate dosing
  • Backlit Multi-colour LCD Display (normal / warning / alarm)
  • Model information
  • Dimensions and much more

EMEC PRISMA Intelligent Digital Dosing Pump

emec Solenoid Driven Dosing Pump


When Reliable Operation is Essential  ✓ 

EMEC Solenoid Driven Dosing Pumps boast a whole host of important and unique features:

  • Includes foot valve, Injection valve, 2M of Suction tubing and 2M of Discharge tubing
  • Reliable & accurate dosing
  • Manual Speed adjustment (1-100%) for varying dose rate OR via external 4/20mA or contact closures with PULSE MULTIPLY and PULSE DIVIDE
  • Adjustable stroke length (10-100%)
  • Float on foot valve stops pump dosing when chemical level in tank is low
  • Double ball check valves in foot valve, suction & discharge valves
  • Solid Teflon diaphragm prevents wear
  • PVDF Head as standard

5 Steps to selecting the right Solenoid Driven Dosing Pump

Solenoid Pump Configurations

Solenoid-Driven Metering Pump is a pump that uses an electromagnet as the driving power. When this pump is energised, the electromagnet attracts the solenoid plunger, generating a reciprocating motion moving the diaphragm to deliver a pre-determined amount of fluid.

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PRIUS Motor Driven Dosing Pump


When high performance is required ✓ 

When higher dose rates or higher pressures are required, EMEC Motor Driven Dosing Pumps are ideal and have the same features and benefits as the EMEC Solenoid driven dosing pumps. 

Hose or solvent weld PVC pipe connections available.  Many models include the installation kit as standard.  Solid Teflon diaphragm for increased reliability. Dose rates up to 1000 l/hr possible. Injection pressures of up to 100 bar possible. 


Motor Driven Pump Configurations

A Motor-Driven Metering Pump is when the rotary motion of the motor is converted to reciprocating motion by the eccentric cam mechanism which, causes the volume displacement to transfer the fluid at a constant rate.  Motor dosing pumps are recommended when high performances are required.

Controllers & Instruments


EMEC Controllers are available for most of the typical  variables measured in water - Conductivity, pH, ORP, Chlorine, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity.

They are available with an array of possible control methods, relay, pulse and 4-20mA control, MODBUS

Surface mount, panel mount, DIN rail mount, Touchscreen.

Single, Dual or Multi Channel

Remote control and logging via www.ermes-server.com with either 4G, Ethernet or WiFi

Controllers & Instruments

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