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We are ISO Quality Certified

So you can have full confidence in CWC for quality & compliance


Did you know?

We are ISO Certified

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To be ISO Quality Certified means to have an exceptionally high international standard of quality control. As a certified company, CWC needs to adhere to these standards which results in a more advanced level of quality control across every CWC product and service. The requirements in place do not stop at quality. CWC meets the requirements to ensure the Work Health and Safety of its employees, plus the safety of visitors to CWC's premises. Furthermore, we have implemented many initiatives required to achieve the ISO accreditation for Environmental Responsibility, reducing our carbon footprint.


Being ISO Quality Certified also means.. 

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CWC minimising errors, redundancies and increasing productivity.
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Improvement on quality, safety, and lead-time of products and services more efficiently.
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We're better at identifying and mitigating risks within our business practices and supply chain.
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We can lower research and development costs, therefore improving speed to market by building on previously standardised technology or systems.
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CWC can provide uniformity in all units of measurement, and in doing so enabling accuracy and confidence in all commercial transactions locally and globally.

Automated Water Treatment Solutions

Working hard to serve you better.

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From our humble beginnings 20+ years ago, we are now proud to supply the market with a wide range of automated water treatment solutions, with extensive reach in markets such as commercial and industrial cooling water, potable water, process and wastewater.   Our varied range of products (cooling towers & boilers dosing systems, chemical pumps, controllers and instruments, sensors and probes, and sensors for flow and level), used extensively in markets across Australia and internationally, are now supplied to you with compliance to ISO standards of quality, work, health & safety and environmental responsibility.

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