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Welcome to CWC Remote Monitoring

Why Remote Monitoring?

  • View live data from any web browser
  • View and download data logs
  • Receive alarms via e-mail or SMS
  • Change programmed settings remotely
  • Choice of Connection method - via 4G, WiFi or Ethernet


emec’s Cloud based remote platform 

ERMES Digital Services

Compatible remote monitoring products are indicated by this ERMES Logo across the CWC website:


ERMES Cloud based Remote Monitoring Ecosystem


EMEC controllers with ETHERNET, 4G or WiFi capability can connect and are available for remote control via ERMES Cloud-based software on all compatible devices.

CWC _ LP _ How monitoring works

Connection via 4G/Ethernet/WiFi to the Internet



What is ERMES?

ERMES is the online, web and mobile-responsive Cloud based platform www.ermes-server.com that allows you to remotely control all your EMEC controller installations via a web browser interface. It includes functions to manage your controllers, change settings, view and download data logs, monitor uptime, set up alarm recipients and so much more.

All you need is an EMEC-compatible controller connected to the internet and a web browser

What is ERMES dashboard
ERMES system capabilities

What are the system capabilities?

The ERMES Cloud based system is able to oversee and manage parameters of EMEC controllers including:

  • Controller inputs
  • Tank levels
  • Temperature
  • Setpoints & Settings
  • Readings
  • Logs
  • Graphs

    You’ll be able to easily read, analyse and modify the controllers' parameters immediately from your PC, smartphone or tablet, through a web browser.

ERMES Additional Functionality

ERMES can keep you constantly informed via email or SMS about controller status and potential alarms with different report options, considerably reducing the need for on-site manual monitoring/inspections.

You have Real-time supervision, analysis and setting, everywhere you are.

Accessing ERMES

Plant registration and LOG download / display

If your EMEC controller is equipped with a 4G, Wifi or ETHERNET connection, you can immediately connect it to ERMES by creating your own free account.

How ERMES Cloud based Remote Monitoring works?

To access the ERMES Cloud server environment, login at https://www.ermes-server.com and, after registration, set-up your plants. EMEC controllers with ETHERNET, 4G or WIFI configuration will be immediately connected and available for remote control. Furthermore, with ERMES you can receive alarm messages via email, with a different report option on instrument status.

If your instrument has a 4G Configuration you can receive SMS reports on your mobile.

All EMEC latest controllers are ERMES ready:

  • LD 2 Channel
  • LDS
  • WD
Mac Remote Monitoring

With the MODBUS serial communication protocol, it is also possible to connect EMEC controllers with other devices (PLCs or BCMS) connected to the same network via the RS485 interface.

Group 40

Hardware (Products)


CWC Products that include Remote Monitoring


Compatible remote monitoring products are indicated by this ERMES Logo across the CWC website.

ERMES Remote Monitoring products and Compatible Systems are indicated by this ERMES ready Logo across the CWC website:



One of the most suitable products capable of remote control is the Centurio by CWC. Built on the Linux operating system, this product is high-performance leveraging an ARM A5 microprocessor and large colour touchscreen providing immediate management of up to 10 measurement parameters for water treatment. With setpoint reading and regulation and data graphs also in real time, CENTURIO offers a high storage capacity for data logs, as well as the possibility of downloading via USB and remote control of the system.

What sets the most advanced controllers apart is the possibility of connecting (via Ethernet, 3G/4G or WI-FI depending on the configuration) to the online remote management system ERMES, which allows different controllers located in different places to be monitored and adjusted remotely.

With the MODBUS serial communication protocol, on the other hand, it is possible to connect EMEC control controllers with other devices (PLCs) connected to the same network via the RS485 interface.

Centurio Illustration-2048x1623

Centurio Remote Controller Range

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