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Welcome to Argal by CWC

Argal is a premium range of Chemical Transfer pumps, including Air Operated Double Diaphragm (AODD), Mag Drive, FRP and Sump pumps, manufactured in Brescia Italy.  CWC is the exclusive Australian Agent for Argal.

 FRP Pumps - ARGAL Saturn

The extensive range of FRP Pumps from Argal include:

  • Argal Saturn range, manufactured in FRP (fibre reinforced polyester) comply to ANSI/ASME B73.1. regulation.
  • The peculiar design and the intrinsic resistance of the material of construction attributes to these pumps distinctive mechanical resistance coupled to a sound chemical resistance to almost all corrosive liquids and sea water.
Mag Drive Pumps - ARGAL TMR

Mag Drive Pumps - ARGAL TMR

  • Medium to large aggressive chemical transfer pump
  • Hermetically sealed. Static Gasket
  • 50-500 L/min Flows
  • Up to 25 metres head
  • 415VAC 3 Phase TEFC motors (Special motors upon request)
  • Max 1.8 SG
  • Threaded or ISO flange port connection
AODD Pumps - Argal DDE

AODD Pumps - Argal DDE

  • Self Priming, Flooded or Submerged Installations
  • Unstallable pump design
  • Maximum head 80m
  • Polypropylene, PVDF, SS, Aluminium wetted constructions
  • Santoprene and PTFE diaphragms
  • EPDM or Viton Orings
  • FDA versions available in Electro-Polished SS316 – ASTRAevoFOOD DDE SPN

Case Study - High precision and robust ASTRAevo AISI 316L DDE100 pump

Made of AISI 316L and Teflon, the ASTRAevo DDE 100 pump transfers a mix of additives at ambient temperature. The various functionalities of the ASTRAevo AODD pump guarantee significant improvements compared to the centrifugal pumps:

  • Run-dry (when the tank is empty)
  • Self-prime (negative suction head)
  • Frequent start and stop
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • The selection of materials highly resistant to strongly corrosive acids.
Saturn Evo (ZGS | ZMS | ZCS)

Saturn Evo FRP Pumps (ZGS | ZMS | ZCS)

  • RTM Injection Moulding Technology
  • Excellent Chemical Resistance of Wetted surfaces
  • ZGS (long coupled),  ZMS (close coupled) or ZCS (compact close coupled)
  • Capacity up to 1350 m3/hr
  • Wetted parts: Fibreglass FRP
  • Ideal for Sea Water / Aquaculture applications


AODD Pumps - Argal DDE

Vertical Pumps K2 (KGK)

  • Designed for Vertical Installations
  • Column & Volute Casing submerged
  • Maximum shaft length 4000mm
  • Minimum shaft length 500mm
  • Capacity up to 275 m3/hr
  • Wetted parts: PP or PVDF
  • Column: PP or PVDF, PP+FRP or PVDF+FRP
  • 1.1, 1.3 or 1.8 Max SG versions available


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